Phil Haney is a freelance writer, creative and producer most recently Senior Editor for, writing blogs, creating videos including the web series Cheap Shots and curating the internet for awesomeness. Haney has been a writer and producer in the new media space for the past ten years, contributing to sites such as "". At Maker Studios Haney worked with a variety of YouTube and traditional media talent. This included serving as writer and associate producer Gabriel Iglesias’ "Damn TV" and as a staff writer for Ray William Johnson’s “Equals Three” and as producer for the “Your Favorite Martian” animated music video series. Before joining Maker Haney served as Senior Producer for the National Lampoon Creative Department producing, writing, acting in and directing short form viral web videos. Haney's work has been reviewed and featured on the E! Network, Fox News, as well as in Rolling Stone magazine, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Huffington Post and other major media. Haney's parody of the Britney Spears VMA Performance debacle received over 15 Million views on Youtube alone. While at National Lampoon Haney was a contributing writer to the PC video game National Lampoon's University Tycoon as well as the books National Lampoon Magazine Rack and editor and contributor for the volume of grotesque humor National Lampoon Not Fit For Print. Haney also served as Editor for the National Lampoon Humor Network Affiliate, Super Awesome Wow. Haney is the co-creator & co-host of the web series "National Lampoon's Fat Guy Nation." Originally from Syracuse, NY Haney graduated from Ithaca College with a Bachelor of Science in Television/Radio where he founded the IC Comedy Club, writing and performing stand up, sketch and improv comedy. Haney currently lives in Los Angeles, CA.
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Phil is a bad joke teller; as punishment he must take a shot of vodka for each "joke" he tells. Phil just told a lot of bad jokes.


"Live Fat, Die Young And Leave a Large Looking Corpse!" National Lampoon's Fat Guy Nation web series spoofs the insanity of our "Big Gulp" culture and the ever increasing American waistlines that result. Hosted by Phil Haney & Sandy Danto.


"Hi yall! Im Fat Brittany! Come take a ride with me on a downward spiral from teen blonde bombshell hit making sensation to trashy rehabbing baby making tabloid fodder! It will be fun! Living the American Dream to its putrid fullest. Drugs,alcohol, food, money, babies." -Over 15 million people cannot un-see this web series in which I play Britney Spears.


From the twisted minds at the National Lampoon creative team comes some parody, sketch and satire! Watch some of the videos I either Co-produced, co-wrote, directed and/or acted in.


Here are some of the videos I have written, co-written and produced for Maker Studios.


These animations and videos were created for and are not intended for most Humans.


"We are two geek-vixens who spend most of our days warding off a barrage of inane, flirtatious, tech requests from our computer illiterate co-workers." (Check out this web series I co-wrote and produced for NetGear!)


"The Zomborg" is part zombie, part cyborg, part horror- comedy Youtube channel. Subscribe for updates on horror sketches, short films and The Daily Grindhouse movie review vlog.. or The Zomborg will eat you. (I write, produce and act in videos for this horror themed comedy channel!) Subscribe to THE ZOMBORG here!


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