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$20 Bottles Of Water: Why People Hate Los Angeles
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Things To Do For Lonely People On Valentine's Day

Wildest Secession Movements in The United States

The Best Cults

The All In Your Head Movies

Things Could Always Be Worse

The Replacement Musicians

The Almost Famous Relatives of Famous People

(Myspace Comedy)
Top Ten Greatest Hot Dog Condiments of All Time

10 Big Foods You Must Try Before You Die or Die Trying

Girls & Corpses
How To Start A Religious Cult (Full version in print magazine)

Halloween is Dead

Spirizon 5000

The Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Women... That Are Really for Guys

Spam Writers Institute

How To Behave on An Airplane

Discovering Your Friend is Republican

A Boy’s First Crush: A Dating Guide for Young Men in Love

A Gentleman's Guide to Laughing at Tragedies

Thursday The 12th Evil Takes a Day Off – (The Web Comic)

Don’t Poke The Dough Boy

Top Ten Fun Things To do When You're Bored

Soft Balls: A Family Film

A Review of Dr. Butcher MD

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