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“Britney Spears VMA’S Uncensored" Featured on The E! Channel’s The Daily Ten

Created, produced and appeared as Britney Spears.

"72 Virgins" Debated on Fox News’ The O'Reilly Factor

Co-wrote and produced faux movie trailer "72 Virgins."

Britney Spears Character Featured on

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"While Britney herself hasn't spiraled this far out of control -- the wannabe star managed to still wear a better wig than Brit Brit! Ding dang!"

"Weekend At Anna’s" Featured in Rolling Stone Magazine

Co-Wrote, produced and conceptualized mash up video.

"Fat Guy Nation: Michael Phelps Diet Test" Featured in The Los Angeles Times

Co-Wrote, produced and acted in video.

"Seinfeld: The Lost Episode" Featured in The Huffington Post

Co-wrote mash up video.

"The I.T. Chicks (Web Series)"Reviewed & Featured in The New York Times

"..while on the surface the show might make Gloria Steinem shudder, the actual execution…isn’t as bad. First off, the show (written by National Lampoon writers Scott Rubin and Phil Haney and directed by Rubin) is well-written, slickly produced, and occasionally pretty funny — one character is told to keep hitting the F9 key on his keyboard every two minutes “or you’ll never get off the island.” -Liz Shannon Miller LIZ
(Co-wrote and produced web series.)

Cinema Crazed review of THE KEGGER

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"Even as a darkly demented frat house romp, “The Kegger” is rather hysterical
with some great acting, and hilarious gags that left me breathless." (short film, wrote and directed.)

Film Threat review of THE KEGGER

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"Whatever plot pops into your mind when you hear the title “The Kegger,”
that is not the plot that the movie turns out to possess. This is probably a good thing..."(short film, wrote and directed.)

"Brokeback Bowling Alley" featured on
“National Lampoon's spoof movie trailer incorporates all-new footage, not recycled clips from previous films, putting the memorable images and catch phrases of Brokeback Mountain, the infamous gay cowboy drama, into new situations, while avoiding the gutter. There is a bit of profanity and comic naughtiness included, but "It'll be ohh-kay! It'll be ohh-kay!" - Mike Durrett,

Co-Wrote, produced and acted in video.